The recent IACSAS conference in Nashville is what I want to talk about.

I want you, the wife/girlfriend to know what your options are. You can decide what works for you and your situation. Period.  Thanks to the publication of my book,  “A House Interrupted”, has allowed me to get a glimpse of some of the newest books and workshops written by therapists who have a strong interest in this field of spousal healing. Some are Christian, some have no faith, some are very private about their faith. Does not matter to me what faith you choose. Or, if you choose one at all. I would just encourage you to do the research surrounding sexual addiction BEFORE you decide what direction to take in your life and marriage. Please visit my resource page on this site for other options and what worked for me if you don’t see anything you can relate to after you have read this post.

I have not read every word of each book / workbook below.  All have a Christian bent to them. The important thing for me, as I spread the word about these publications, is that I have met these author’s/therapists’ face to face. They all have one thing in common. They have a passion for helping in the healing process for women that are facing sexual addiction issues in their lives. That is good enough for me to call attention to their book’s.

Please check out the following new resources I discovered at the May, 2013 Nashville Conference:

1. “Spouses of Sex Addicts: Hope for the Journey Workbook.”  Written by Francoise Mastroinanni and Richard Blankenship. (First time meeting Francoise – she is awesome!)

2. “Spouses of Sex Addicts: Hope for the  Journey.” Written by Richard Blankenship, with contributions from Melissa Hass, Joyce  Tomblin, Debbie Whitcomb, Heath Wise.

3. “Thirty Days to Hope & Freedom from Sexual Addiction,” “Stop Sex Addiction: Real Hope, True Freedom for Sex Addicts and Partners.”  Written by Milton S. Magness, D. Min.

4. “Your Sexually Addicted Spouse: How Partners Can Cope and Heal.” Written by Barbara Steffens.

Google all of the above authors/therapists to learn more.  They all have web sites available on line.

Also want to point out that I was able to hear a couple of other great speakers share about very important topics. My favorite workshop was presented by Janie Lacy, LMHC, NCC, CCSAS, CSAT. Her web site is www.LifeCounselingSolutions.com. She is based in Florida. The workshop I went to was titled “The Hooking Up Mentality”. Her workshop  gave me a real wake-up call about the impact  sexually explicit material is having on young boys and girls. The easy access to social porn on line, pornographic sexting in middle school/high school/college/ and female body image: the harmful impact this is having on the young people in our  society. Great information, very sobering.

Also heard Shannon Ethridge, (Author, has her own Women’s Ministry)  Noel Bouche, (lawyer turned activist : child sex trafficking) and Michael Leahy, (Author, Bravehearts Ministry – geared to men and porn.)

Participating in this workshop was a great experience and a first – for me and my husband. It was the first time we spoke to a group of therapist’s that are coming from a Christian bent. Very humbling for both of us.

Most importantly –  know that you, the spouse of a sex addict, have many more, in-depth resources, to reach out too.  See if one of these web sites, books, or workbooks, may be a good fit for you in your healing journey.

Wishing you the BEST LIFE!