Another Life-Changing Loss


Finishing up a wonderful LA/La Jolla trip brought me back home in time to settle in for the long, hot summer of life in Myrtle Beach. Late July brought one of the greatest losses into my life: my mother Marjorie passed away suddenly. My ¬†four siblings and I were able to make it to her bedside in North Carolina before she died. It was, and has been, a crushing loss for me. You see, I never had a really close, intimate, mother-daughter relationship with her. I loved her and she loved me and that was the extent of how I viewed our relationship. We were never really close, but we loved each other. I have girlfriends who have wonderful, loving relationships’ with their Mother’s and I have always felt like I missed out on something really special.

I am so grateful for the brief time I had to speak too her face to face during her short hospital stay. I realized, in some of the very special moments that we shared privately, that she adored me – and I loved and adored her too. It has changed forever how I will look at my relationship with my Mom. Because my mother was a talented artist, I have found myself being pulled back into my beautiful little studio and feeling the need to paint. MauritaStudios is now up and running again and I am loving it. Makes me feel connected to her. Below is a sample of what I am painting.

LA Nightlife

LA Nightlife

Just curious: how is your relationship with your Mother?

Would love to hear back.




MauritaAnother Life-Changing Loss