Thanks to all the snow recently in Boston and Vermont, my husband has decided to take a quick trip to go skiing. The only person he could count on at a  moment’s notice to go with him, was Jeff.  I wrote a bit about Jeff in my previous post. My husband, or Jeff, on a whim, would note great conditions on either coast, call each other and be on a plane in a matter of days to meet up.  Not many people can just pick up and leave their work with little notice – a great upside of owning your own business for sure!

The last time my husband went skiing was with Jeff, at Mammoth in California last year, to the day I am posting this.  One of Jeff’s favorite places. Our son had a break in his law school classes, so he went along for the ride.  Jeff’s lovely younger brother made it a foursome. Here are some of my favorite recent photos of Jeff.

A Year Ago Today

A Year Ago Today

No More Hilarious Dinners

No More Hilarious Dinners

A Loving "Uncle" Hanging out with Al.

A Loving “Uncle”
Hanging out with Al.

Loved To Bike - made many long rides with his local bike club

Loved To Bike – made many long rides with his local bike club

Our family photo albums are filled with images of this precious guy. My cell phone still has his name and # because I just can’t bear to delete it.  Not a day goes by when I don’t think about him.

Jeff’s serious depression and ultimate death is so hard to process.  If Jeff were alive today, he would probably be on a plane from San Diego and meeting up with B. in Vermont. But he is not on a plane and we will never see him again, in this lifetime. He choose to take his own life shortly after his 50th birthday. Such a tragic loss for me, my husband, my children and everyone who loved Jeff.

His life and legacy will live on for generations to come. His younger brother and wife gave birth to a beautiful little boy almost 4 months ago. His first and middle name is Jeffrey Brian. My children certainly will never forget his humor, his love, and his unconditional encouragement for whatever issues they were struggling with. They will all carry him in their hearts forever.

Suicide leaves SO many unresolved questions and feelings with those of us who are left behind. It is up to us to try and make some peace with how someone that we love so much decides to make this choice.

Thanks for checking in!