Begin Again – A Personal Note


Feeling the need to reach out and write again. Still walking through an incredible life experience since I last blogged.  Will start from the last time I would have/should have posted.

Spent a wonderful, (as usual)  time in LA/La Jolla Cove at the end of June.  Was in LA to speak at an addiction conference at the USC – LA campus and what a wonderful learning experience it was. First stop was downtown Los Angeles and the Millennium Biltmore Hotel. What a beautiful, grand old hotel. Lot’s of rich history, very ornate, and very busy! Checked in late Saturday nite and made a beeline for the lobby bar/restaurant. Settled back into the plush banquet cushions and listened to a fabulous jazz trio as we ate a late dinner of sliders and fries – didn’t want the night to end!

Millenium Biltmore Hotel, Los Angeles

Millenium Biltmore Hotel, Los Angeles

Sunday was a busy day. I was in town to participate on a panel of addiction/recovery speakers for an international conference on the LA campus of USC. I was scheduled to speak early Monday, in one of the first sessions. Had to finish writing and editing my final hand-out, find a printer, get copies made, then head out to the campus to register and find the classroom I was assigned to. Brian saved the day for me – figuring out directions and handling all the crazy driving and parking.

Back to the hotel for a quick shower and off we went to dinner with one of my husband’s college buddies from Boulder, Co. So great to see Kent and his beautiful wife, MP. Haven’t seen them forever!

Kent and Brian

Kent and Brian

Had to get up early for my Monday morning presentation. Brian dropped me a bit early so I could have time to look around the campus before my talk. This USC campus is really beautiful – never realized how close it was to downtown LA. It was bustling with people and new construction.

The Library at USC

The Library at USC

This conference was attended by people from all over the world. I was sharing a platform with 2 therapists from New Zealand, a Professor from the U. of Tel Aviv, and a therapist from Korea. Most were there to present their papers/research on all different areas of addiction, trauma, and recovery. Listening to their varied topics: PTSD in treating veteran’s and families just back from war, impact of alcoholism in Korea, treating the neglected, older population in society.  Such a wonderful eye-opener for me that every culture, every country has compassionate human beings, therapists, who want to help and support other human beings.

So thrilled to meet these wonderful Therapist's battling addiction in Korea.

So thrilled to meet these wonderful Therapist’s battling addiction in Korea.

Most interesting to me were these women from Korea. All had their masters/Phd’s/ working in private practice. One pulled me aside after my talk and told me that in her practice, she is seeing a huge problem with internet porn in men. Women in Korea are leaving their husbands in record numbers because of this problem.  I wish I was shocked by this,  but I am not. We exchanged business cards and am now connected to her. What a GREAT experience.

Next up – visiting La Jolla Cove and what happened in July that changed my life forever.

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MauritaBegin Again – A Personal Note