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I am so happy to be FINALLY  back to blogging. Have had such a great ride the last couple of months, getting the word out about my book and the impact sexual addiction has on a Woman and a family.

Before I get caught up with my book travels,  I want to explain what is going on with my new web site. I hope you find this new site easy to navigate and clean to look at.  I want this site,, to be focused on the subject of the impact of sexual addiction on a spouse. The turmoil and devastation that it takes on a family. I will tackle co-dependant issues and conseqences and will comment on current sexual/recovery issues that are covered in the main stream media.

I am now in the process of up-dating to be a more artistic, personal site. So – if you are looking for information about sexual addiction, you have come to the right place. If you would like to find more about me, Maurita,   than please check out the fun, artistic side of me at I will keep you posted when the new site is ready for action.

This Arizona trip had very special meaning for me. IITAP is a branch of Gentle Path Press, who happens to be my publisher. ( IITAP stands for the International Institute for Trauma and Addiction Professionals.)  I was finally going to get the chance to meet the women at Gentle Path who were responsible for getting my book to the attention of Dr. Patrick Carnes, and ultimately getting me a publishing contract. I was also able to meet some of the leaders in the field of writing about sexual addiction, like Stefanie Carnes and Rob Weiss. Needless to say, I was very excited to be a part of such a workshop.

The Women of Gentle Path Press - Thank You!


Suzanne O'Connor, the person who signed me to my contract. It was especially great to finally meet.


3 of the author's of Mending a Shattered Heart - A Guide for Partners of Sex Addicts.

It was so much fun to meet other author’s and therapists who are writing books that  offer hope and information to people who are struggling with sexual addiction. For me, it was really neat to meet Stefanie Carnes and Rob Weiss, two special leaders in the field of this particular issue. To learn more about IITAP and Stefanie Carnes, check out To learn more about Rob Weiss, check out or the Sexual Recovery Institute.

Would anyone show up?

I have to admit, I was pretty nervous because there were so many great workshops going on at the same time. Rob Weiss was one of the speakers during my time as well as 2 or 3 other great talks, so I was prepared for anything. I had about 25 or 30 therapists for my workshop, so it turned out better than I had hoped.  What a great bunch to speak in front of, a very compassionate crowd.  Some of the therapists already have been certified in sexual addiction, (called CSAT), some were working towards accreditation. Some had already read my book, and one therapist even brought her copy with her for me to sign. The best part of being able to speak in front of therapists was I got to speak about how important it is for them to treat us, the spouse’s of sex addicts, with just as much structure and urgency that is already in place for the ‘traditional’ addict.  And to impress upon them how emotional traumatizing it is for someone to have to deal with betrayal. I am very happy to report that they already are taking a much closer look at the issue of trauma and sexual addiction/disclosure issues. Stefanie Carnes’ book, Mending a Shattered Heart, is a good example of the theraputic community taking what happens to the spouse much more seriously. The Q & A at the end of my talk was so much fun. Lot’s of great questions and comments. My hope is that the therapist’s who were at my workshop, thought the time spent with me was worth it.

It was a great day for me. I had to leave a bit early because I was doing a book signing at Barnes and Noble outside of town.   I reluctantly said my good-bye’s to everyone from Gentle Path and left.

Scottsdale, Barnes and Noble

Most of my book store signings have been tough, and this one was no exception. Because I am an unknown person, writing about a tough subject, not a lot of people show up. (Unless I have friends or family to count on.)  I think for it to be a success in terms of sales, it has to be very well publicized by the store at the very least. I sold one book in an hour. I must have been on an off night because not  many people where in the store the whole time I was there. The manager and staff were very nice and felt bad. I have learned a lot this past year, and one lesson I have definately taken to heart is – don’t take it personally!  Which is a tough lesson to learn because my book is so personal!  The upside about this Barnes and Noble signing was I had time to visit the most amazing grocery store I have ever seen. It was beautiful:  had a sushi station that was manned by a real sushi restaurant, an honest to goodness wine bar/restaurant with a big screen TV right in the middle of their amazing deli department, and a entire corner of the store devoted to every kind of bread you could imagine or dream about. So, I ended up having fun even with no turn-out for my book.

After leaving Barnes and Noble, I drove back into downtown and checked into the Arizona Grand Resort. So beautiful – I had 2 days to relax and enjoy the beauty of the desert.  The weather of course was beautiful, dry and sunny, cool at night. They had a couple of outdoor fireplaces going where I would bring my journal and sit and write.  Even made arrangements to have lunch with an old friend from Myrtle Beach who was passing through the same time as me.

Grounds of Arizona Grand


Lunch with Harvey

This resort is HUGE – great place for a vacation. Has everything at your fingertips. I loved their lobby and their casual indoor/outdoor restaurant over-looking their golf course. That’s where Harvey and I had lunch.

I didn’t want to leave Arizona, but I had to get back to prepare for my next big trip – San Francisco, LA, and San Diego!


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